Vice Admiral Talbot’s Family Visit

The descendants and relatives of Vice Admiral Sir Cecil Ponsonby Talbot KCB KBE DSO* (31 August 1884 – 17 March 1970) paid a successful visit to Fort Blockhouse and the Submarine Museum on Wednesday 10 October.

Charlie Hayward, Alliance Guide talking to The Talbot family on the ramparts.

The group toured Fort Blockhouse, viewed the Wyllie paintings in the Wardroom, visited the Memorial Chapel, met the team of submarine ratings who had prepared it for viewing, and were briefed on Submarine Search & Rescue by WO Thorpe from the SETT (including a short description of the search for the ARA San Juan). The family and guides then walked back to Torbay Block in the Submarine Museum where archivist George Malcolmson had prepared a number of artefacts directly relevant to Vice Admiral Talbot, who was a very successful submarine CO of the First World War.

In the Archive

Archivist, Alex Geary, produced the Admiral’s mess jacket from the reserve collection. The family viewed the Wall of Remembrance where Vice Admiral Sir Cecil and Lady Talbot’s sons’ names are recorded, Sub-Lieutenant Edward “Bob” Bartle Talbot missing in HMS Snapper since February 12, 1941 and Lieutenant Francis “Frank” Robert Cecil Talbot, missing in HMS Thames since July 22, 1940. Can there be any more poignant submarine story than that of a man who lost two brothers in WW1 and two sons, in separate submarine sinkings, in WW2.

The Memorial Book in St Nicholas’ Chapel with the entry for Frank Talbot on the right under Snapper
Inside the Chapel
The family with WO Coxn Steve Thorpe (SETT) and the team who have been working on the Chapel

The family then went on to view Holland 1 and X24 before being given a 1-hour guided tour of Alliance.

The Talbot family by Alliance

Further information about Sir Cecil Talbot can be found at:”

St Nicholas’ Chapel

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