Ocelot but not as we know it!

Evidence of the move of the RNSM collection from the decaying Torbay Building to Storehouse 12 specialist holding and treatment centre in PNB. This is Snoopy the Ocelot (mascot of the sm of that name) being packed with acid free tissue for transfer.

2 thoughts on “Ocelot but not as we know it!

  1. As an ex CO of OCELOT, I recollect that the stuffed Snoopy was not the only feline trophy. There was also a live Ocelot I think at the Blackpool Zoo which was a mascot. Legend has it that it was brought on a lead to the recommissioning at Rosyth where it sprayed on the then CO’s ( Mike Tuohy) best No5 uniform, which never thereafter lost the subtle perfume. The stuffed Snoopy was too large to have onboard so spent most of it’s life in the lay apart store chacon.

  2. Pity it wasn’t Geoffrey Biggs who got sprayed – nobody would have noticed. Geoffrey was once appointed as military assistant(?) to the Lord High Commissioner of the Church of Scotland: those of us who knew him well reckoned it was a last ditch attempt to smarten him up.
    Richard Channon

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