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The Model Boat

The recent berthing of a model submarine alongside  Submariners’ Walk Heritage Trail in Brisbane has generated a lot of interest not only for the surrounding community of Teneriffe, but submariners in general.

The Submariners Honour Roll Wall was dedicated 7 months ago and as the word spreads via the various forms of communication channels, interest is gaining momentum and more names are being added to the Honour Roll Wall. A number of applications are being followed up.

The Memorial Wall

An American lady on a cruise late last year was seated at a table having dinner with complete strangers and the general chat came out that her late father married an Australian Her father was a US submariner who sailed from Teneriffe during WW2 operations. He sadly passed away 8 years ago and the extended family is now spread from Brisbane to Texas. The Australian couple she met knew about Submariners Walk Heritage Trail as they lived in Bulimba. The SAA QLD Inc followed up the request to see if we could help her in some small way. The rest is history and they now have a bronze plaque on the Wall in his honour,  on Eternal Patrol with other qualified submariners.

The ashes of CPOMTP SM Terry Wyatt being scattered over the model boat using a special box on a pole with a release that pops the lid.

As a subcommittee of SAA Qld Inc we find ourselves helping families dealing with mixed and raw emotions of the submariner who was left behind beit in recent or distant times. As a dedicated team we are becoming good listeners, we are re connecting to those who have not realised that there loved one names are still spoken about fondly today in conversation and the feedback is sobering knowing the submarine family has done something for their immediate family. To see a bronze plaque with a poppy on the Wall acknowledging the qualified submariner is indeed very satisfying for everyone.

Part of the Memorial Wall

Today the Honour Roll sees increasing numbers of qualified submariners already from  SAA Western Australia, SAA South Australia, SAA Tasmania, SAA Victoria, SAA New South Wales, Queensland, SA United Kingdom and SUBVET United States of America. Soon the SAA Australian Capital Territory will be included. This Wall, in our opinion, is becoming an International place for submariners.

Should you want to learn more about the process please contact via an email to as SAA Qld Inc subcommittee is happy to assist.

Benches along the walk, each a different class of boat
The Submariners Cafe

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