Museum update

From Claire Baverstock, General Manager

A quick update on what is happening onsite.  Tim continues to work through outstanding defects and carry out maintenance.  Below are a before and after shot of the waterbus gangway.  I have never seen it looking so good. The walkway has been painted with a specialist non-slip paint and all the barriers and railings have been transformed with a coat of fresh black paint.  Tim has also removed some of the signs from the jetty that were not accessible to visitors and we are going to relocate these to more appropriate positions around the site. 


The painting of the missile stand is also now complete.

Newly painted missile stand

I had a site walk around with Stuart Stamp (Lead facilities Manager) yesterday.  Stuart has only been in post for a few months so I wanted him to get to know the site and some of the works that are still outstanding.  I also shared with him my plans to relocate the shop store and move the office into the old café space.  This would then give us the meeting space back in the Fraser room. Fingers crossed that we will be able to make a start on this before we reopen. 

I continue to hope for rain but the garden is surviving and even managing to flower I just hope we don’t have a hosepipe ban!

Still no date for reopening but lots of planning taking place for when we do.

2 thoughts on “Museum update

  1. Such a pity that fewer people will see the Garden of Remembrance at its best! The 120 year old olive trees are carrying both blossom and olives this year …

    1. Agreed Jock. We met Tim at Explosion at 0730 at few days ago. (Wewere on our daily Covid excercise walkobout). He was doing his early security walk as we passed the main gate. We chatted about his work on the S/m museum`s jetty gangway which Clair had posted photos of on our NMRN “Workplace” website, and I thanked him on behlf of the guides and Friends.

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