Museum Update February 2021

Though still shut to the public our museum is busy progressing: maintenance and enhancement work. Claire Baverstock, our General Manager reports

The work to stabilise the cofferdam starts on the 8th March. The stairs have already been secured but these works should ensure that the movement stops and we have no further problems.    

The sink units in both sets of toilets have been removed and we are awaiting the installation of new vanity units.  These are due for installation next week.

All the large shrubs and bushes along the fence line have been cut back and tidied up and the overgrown conifer outside of the staffroom has been removed.

The work on the memorial wall roof continues.  The carpenters and electrician have now finished onsite and we are just awaiting the roofer to complete the work.

The exterior of the Fraser room & workshop have been painted and the rotten window sills replaced.  The black plinths outside JFB and all exterior doors have also received a fresh coat of paint.

We are working on upgrading and improving all the external signage, including maps. 

Alex Geary is working on the interpretation signs for the outside objects.  She already has the wording so just needs to get them designed and fabricated.

We haven’t yet had a confirmed reopening date but we are working on the assumption that it will be on or around the 17th May. 

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