Captions Please!

We haven’t had a caption competition for a bit so here goes – thanks to Tim Bolton for the picture. Answers please by posting a comment.

17 thoughts on “Captions Please!

  1. Caption – “I can do you a very special deal on this model, my boy”.

    Tim, where did you find this? It was “Miss Titchfield” 1971 after visiting CACHALOT in Southampton.


  2. Remember to take something to kill the boredom on patrol. This is actually knitting, but it’s made to look like it’s very technical. (I won’t tell if you don’t.)

      1. Ouch! Have you not forgiven me?
        The products of my bottle-chopping are still with us. Remember that I did decamp to the Cab Space after some pressure.
        (For those who don’t know what this was about, I took a bottle-chopping kit on patrol. This entailed scribing around a wine bottle with a glass cutter, then using a long hammer inside the bottle to grow the crack until the bottom of the bottle parted. One bottle proved particularly obstinate, requiring continuous tapping to grow the crack. The constant chink chink in my cabin proved all too much for my compatriots, so, under pressure, I took my hobby to the Cab Space!)

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