CASD 50 Painting

My name is John Bradbury, retired SSBN submariner, founder of the charity We Remember Submariners and part time artist.

I have created this painting which I will be going to the Senior Rates Mess HMS Neptune, in commemoration of the 50 years continuous at sea deterrence. The painting is is acrylic and ink and features the  eight crests of the R and V Class SSSBN submarines around the outside, along with HMS Neptune crest, recognising the alongside support given. It also features our Submarine Dolphins and the Gold and Silver Patrol pins. The middle shows a near stationary V boat being passed by an R boat, both shown in some detail. There is also a rigid raider full of Booties to show the contribution of Commachio Company.

The painting is 4ft wide and 3ft 6 inches high. Prints will be available in both A2 and A3 size and will feature CASD50 and Commemorating 50 years of Deterrence in printed writing. All prints will be signed and numbered by myself.

You can order direct from me by email at or on facebook at BRADS CASD50 PAINTING page.

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