Calling all diesel boat men – A rattling good read

I cannot recommend too highly the series by David Black chronicling the adventures of Harry Gilmour, a young RNVR officer from his first boat to first command. Book 1: Gone to Sea in a Bucket follows Harry from first going to sea in a battleship, with its pompous “old boys’ club” wardroom, through his adventures on his first two boats. Book 2: The Skipper’s Dog’s Called Stalin, an unlikely title, chronicles his time as British liaison officer aboard a Free French submarine, great fun. Book 3: Turn Left for Gibraltar, concerns Harry’s adventures as the Jim of boats operating from the famous Tenth at Malta, culmination in him being sent home to do Perisher. Book 4. Harry is now a CO, back in the Med, and trying not to be stitched up by a vindictive former drunken CO, now a Captain(SM). Book 5: See you at the Bar, just out. Not read yet – can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

The books race along – always something going on, and the realities of diesel boat life are vividly portrayed. If you do decide to give them a go suggest you start with book 1 and read in sequence – bet you will not be able to put them down!

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  1. derekw says:

    Read all 3 in the series could not put them down a brilliant read. look forward to reading the next one.

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