Submarine Book of Remembrance

The Submarine Book of Remembrance is the gift of the Friends to The Submariner Memorial Appeal. The book begins with an introduction describing the long and rather tortuous route to its creation and a brief history of the submarine service written by historian and author Iain Ballantyne. The body of the book contains the listings of people lost in service and boats lost. Where we have them there are photos and short descriptions of the circumstances of the loss. Readers may then add their own comments, tributes and photos of those they have known.

This is the page for HMS A3:

There is a description of the new Submariner Memorial and in due course the book will have a listing of all the memorials to submarines and submariners of which we are aware.

Do have a look at the book and add photos and comments on those whom you remember.

Click the front page of the book below or go to The Submarine Family website and click Remembrance

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