HMS Courageous Update

Following the decision of the NMRN Trustees in October ‘21 to take onboard Phase 1 of the project to create a Cold War Centre with Courageous preserved at its heart, there have been delays. The intention was to get the boat open again to the public in early ‘22 and handover the project, management and administration to the NMRN over the course of the next few months. 

Unfortunately, there have been unavoidable delays in handing Courageous back from her extended Survey and Docking Period. Covid precautions and the understandable need to prioritise sea-going vessels means that the boat is unlikely to fully in the hands of the RN and volunteers until early March. The intention then is to dress the boat fully in all its 1980s glory, tidy up the dockside exhibits and then, when she’s looking all tiddly, arrange the first of a series of handover meetings with NMRN.   

NMRN have re-confirmed their desire to add a nuclear submarine to their portfolio of exhibits and are looking forward to engaging more fully with the boat, volunteers and the Cold War Project team to understand the challenge and move the project forward. 

Watch this space

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