HMAS AE2 Scale Model – update

Our friends at the Friends of Holbrook Submarine Museum are making a 1/10 scale mode of AE2 – they write:

This is the latest cut away work we’ve done on the  earliest known Australian submarine, AE2’s one tenth scale model. Whilst not fully developed, you can see the amount of the detail we’ve put into one section at least

What makes this model unique is the detail comes from not only plans that we got of the E class but also the dives and ROV pics taken inside the boat during the expeditions to preserve her. 

Dr Roger Neill is doing the modelling and he was the lead scientist on 2 expeditions. Weve have input from divers who explored and photographed with great difficulty her externals close up at 90m down in the sea of Marmara in Turkey where she was sunk by Turkish gunboats. The crew escaped without loss of life and spent the remainder of WW1 in captivity.

In one tenth scale the finished model is about 2m long and 1m tall. It will be finished in as close as possible colours as it was back then and we hope to model the crew as well in reasonably close detail.

If anyone wants to know more about our work I would be happy to answer their questions by email response. Send questions and comments to:

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