Who, When, and Where?

The photo below was found scrunched up in the staff rest room at the Museum. Can anyone help answer these questions:

Who are they?
When was this taken?
Where was this taken?

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A WW2 photo I believe as there are RNVR and RNR in addition to RN officers. I do not recognise the boats which could provide a clue perhaps?

Kipper Walker

I don’t think it is an OTC as there are several Lts and one Lt Cdr who is in Battle dress. Perhaps some research is required on the submarines that operated out of Blyth. It has to have been taken 1 Oct – 30 Apr because they are not wearing white cap covers. A possibility is a photo of the Officers in the Squadron there. The youngest there would now be in their mid/late 90s

Jonty Powis

Looking at the mystery picture. The submarines are German Type 21s and the port is in UK judging by lack of bomb damage. The officers appear to be wearing gallantry awards only so it is soon after the end of hostilities. They are an eclectic mix of RN RNR & RNVR with at least one guy in battle dress possibly from an allied navy. I would bet that they are a team of submariners looking after the surrendered boats who will later take them to sea for disposal in deep water.

Rob Stevens

I dont know the details but the person second from the left bottom row looks like Crap Miers. I have copied his son John in for confirmation.

John Miers

I am certain that none of them are my father. There are some oddities.

That fact that at least five of them are sub-lieutenants probably rules out a perisher group. The most senior amongst them is a lieut. commander.
I am not sure that they are all wearing RN cap badges. Some of them could be Dutch or Norwegian or other Europeans.
That is rather reinforced by the type of boats in the background. They do not resemble any RN fins that I can recognize.
I don’t even recognize the base. Could it be Blyth?

Hope that helps.

Jonathan Powis

Looking at this photo on my computer rather than my i-phone. The boats are definitely surrendered Type 21s – NB the twin 20mm AA turret at the rear of the fin a unique identifier. The complete lack of damaged buildings in the back-ground suggests Lisahally but looking on Google maps the sky line has changed too much to be sure. It isn’t Blythe – I am fairly sure.

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