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I know surveys are becoming the bane of our lives but hear me out! We plan to update the website this year and have set aside a sum of money to do this.  We need to determine how easy or difficult you find navigating the site and if you use the search facility. Your answers will ensure we spend your money to best effect.

How easy do you find navigating the website

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Do you ever use the Search Box?

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Gavin Lane

I do find the site not as easy to navigate as I think it should be. The content is super when found! Look at other sites where similar data is available and the relative ease with which they are navigable. I shall remain deep and watch John Wayne.

I find the site reasonably easy to navigate but very difficult to reply to. Hence my reply in this form.
Spam. H.

David Pender-Cudlip

Particularly if one looks at the site regularly it would be preferable to have latest postings on topics ‘on top’. It seems unnecessary to have to trawl through all the formers.

Perhaps giving greater prominence to the Search box and, if necessary, improving the capacity and accuracy of the search facility would help searchers. I realise the latter is easier said than done.

Jock McLees

Site content is growing all the time, making navigation slowly more complicated. I would like to see new and more popular articles closer to Home … if that’s possible.

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