The Last RN Ship to Leave Malta

Turpin leaving Malta

Reproduced at the attachment by kind permission of the Plymouth Naval Retired Officers Association is this article telling the story of the last departure of HMS TURPIN from Malta.  It was in part written by Peter Sampson who has recently passed away.  His obituary is here.

Turpin final departure

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Mark Ruddle

I remember TURPIN as I was 3rd hand of SANGUINE in Malta. We left in 1959 and returned to UK for refit when she was sold to the Israelis. For the passage home we embarked a handful of Israeli ERAs for them to gain hands on experience even if we did not dive. She was to be renamed RAHAV which my researches at the time came up with the English equivalent being LEVIATHAN. Later I heard a rumour that she had sunk using a special forces compartment converted from one of the main ballast tanks.
Whether that is true or not it would follow that a sister submarine might have assumed the name.

SM1,as it then was, was a colourful collection of officers from Capt S/M Crap Miers, Cdr S/M Donald Hay, my first CO in TRENCHANT
Thomas Augustus Courtenay Clack, Tony Whetstone, etc. But I think most submarine officers were colourful in those halcyon days!

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