Royal Visit

In the Garden of Remembrance

In the Garden of Remembrance

HRH Prince Michael of Kent made an unofficial visit to the Museum on Friday afternoon, 1st July.  He was escorted by the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire with Dominic Tweddle and John Rawlinson from the NMRN  in attendance.

HRH spent an hour and a half in the Museum, including a full guided tour of Alliance that included the whole ambit of sound effects. These included as good a reproduction of a depth charge attack as you’ll get without real explosives!
Jock on the right!

Jock on the left!

The guides for the tour were Pat McCaw, one of the Volunteer Guides, and our Vice Chairman, Jock McLees. After Alliance, the party moved to Holland 1, then X24 and followed up with a slow walk through the Garden of Remembrance, where Jock talked HRH through some of the Friends’ work including enhancing the stories behind the VC displays, Jolly Rogers and the Garden of Remembrance.

In the Control Room

In Alliance

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