RN Submarine Service Tartan

For those who got excited about the new Submarine Service tie I offer, with some trepidation, news of the new tartan!

From the Press Release:

“The tartan was commissioned to celebrate more than a century of links between the submarine service and Scotland, ahead of HM Naval Base Clyde becoming the UK’s single integrated submarine operating base from 2020.

The colour scheme of the new tartan has been designed to represent submarines’ environment: the dark green represents the sea; navy blue, red and white to represent the colours of the Royal Navy; and yellow to represent the coveted golden ‘Dolphins’ badge worn with pride by all qualified submariners.”


Read more about it and see more pictures in the Helensburgh Advertiser.


6 thoughts on “RN Submarine Service Tartan

  1. I have to say that reference to the gold being included as it represents the ‘coveted’ gold of the S/M dolphins. The same was said of the tie. Are fellow submariners not aware that all trade and rank badges for ‘No 1’ uniforms are gold! I like the tartan, the tie means nothing.

  2. I viewed the manufacturer’s web site and the tartan was not listed. Therefore no information on cost, delivery or availability

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