Production of a Courageous DVD

Capt John Edgell OBE, one-time C.O of HMS Tireless, Teacher etc and myself are currently engaged in the early stages of producing a film about Courageous. Factual and informative, the video will engage adults and older children with details of design, construction, ship control aspects, the tactical weapon system in all its facets, hotel services and the reactor and propulsion train. Depending on space, there may well be a second DVD but in the same DVD case and about the lead up to the cold war, the critical part played by SSN’s in that unseen conflict, the Courageous timeline and subsequent resurrection as an exhibit.

During the cold war taking photographs and filming on SSN’s was discouraged, so film clips of day to day activities are extremely rare and hidden away in dark corners. I am after short clips of activities on board such as the ship control area, embarking and loading a weapon, firing the SSE, storing ship, drills or exercises, mundane and everyday work, defect repairs and routines.

I already have some DVDs including Submarine – Ocean Safari with Warspite in the starring role which has many good clips and taken in 1983ish, which is absolutely ideal.

So, if anyone has clips taken of an SSN, most preferably C or V class of that period and are prepared to loan/gift that would be much appreciated. Off course copyright needs to be considered, so if you have that info to hand, that would be very helpful too.

Still photographs of evolutions are also needed, such as the torpedo loading rails, embarking weapons inside and outside, embarking victuals/oxygen candles, in dry/floating dock, periscope change, and so on. So basically mundane everyday work to us, but very interesting to the public.

It is intended that all the proceeds from the DVD will be split up with naval charities such as the RNBT’s Submarine Memorial Fund and others, yet to be decided.

I hope that maybe one or two of the Friends of the S/M Museum may be able to help with this quest please. My email is

Kind regards

Pitt.k (former naval person)


2 thoughts on “Production of a Courageous DVD

  1. Great idea Pitt.k and Captain John,
    I am bringing my Engineers Livery Company to Devonport in June 2019, with a day’s visit built around HMS COURAGEOUS (my old boat) specifically to show people with little knowledge of the Navy, let alone submarines, just what the Cold War was and how it was the Submarine Service wot won it!!
    Many thanks Pitt.k and the team of volunteers for keeping COURAGEOUS alive like this. Barry

  2. Barry
    Thanks for the comment. The DVD is progressing well with four sections completed. Working on the Time Line and final section now.

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