On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service

Eric Thompson’s book ‘On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service’ has proved to be a great literary success. Thanks to Commander Rupert Best’s unsolicited nomination of it to the Maritime Trust, it was voted runner-up in the  Mountbatten Best Maritime Book Awards 2018. It has also been given an hour long rave revue on US radio. In March, Eric was invited to appear at Glasgow’s Aye Write Literary Festival where he enjoyed a ‘full house’ audience. He will also be appearing at the Berwick on Tweed Literary Festival in October but more immediately will be giving a talk at the Friends’ AGM in September.

Of the many complimentary messages, Eric has received since publication, he particularly treasures two from university students who informed him that the book had inspired them to join the Navy and volunteer for submarines. The President of the Admiralty Interview Board has now proposed that it should be recommended reading for applicants. He also appreciated the following comment from Admiral MH: ‘….among other things,I have seldom seen such a clear exposition of why we won the Cold War.’

Other thoroughly rewarding feedback came from the most unexpected direction of Major General Patrick Cordingley OBE DSO FRGS (Commander of the Desert Rats during the First Gulf War):

‘I have just finished reading ‘On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service’. This might seem slightly surprising as I am a retired Army officer and also active in anything to do with getting rid of our nuclear deterrent! A submariner friend suggested I might find the book instructive. I had only intended to read the chapters dealing with the deterrent. However, as I found it so well written I decided to read the whole book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author has not changed my mind (about nuclear deterrence) but I felt at the end I knew more about submarines in general than I did before.’

In view of the title of the book, the ever bashful Eric forwarded a complimentary copy to Her Majesty, pointing out that as no member of Her family had served in submarines, She may find it informative. Her Majesty graciously replied.


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