New Exhibition – 50 Years of Deterrence

The Museum has asked us to give this wide circulation:

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum is launching a nationwide appeal for artefacts to help tell the story of 50 years of Britain’s continuous at sea deterrent . These will be showcased in a new permanent exhibition to open at the Museum in June 2018.

The exhibition will chart the history of Britain’s nuclear deterrent from the Royal Navy ’s Resolution class submarines through to today’s Trident era. It will also explore the stories of those who served aboard them. Isolated from the outside world for months on end, these submarines ha d to remain completely undetected but still be constantly ready to fire its missiles at short notice.

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum already holds a fantastic array of objects relating to Polaris submarines such as , the port crew patrol flag from HMS Resolution and the keys for the firing unit of HMS Repulse but is keen to fill the gaps in this important story.

One of the exhibition curators Alexandra Geary says, “ I am fascinat ed to learn more about what life was like for the crew of the se submarines, for example, what kinds of things did they take to sea and what did they do in their free time?” The exhibition team is also looking for:

 Items relating to training

 Crew made memorabilia such as ship ’s newspapers, t – shirts etc.

 Familygrams

 Personal stories

 Photographs of time on board

If you can help the exhibition team in any way please contact Alexandra Geary at

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