Grave of wartime submariner in Italy identified after 75 years

Leading Telegraphist Victor Crosby was shot dead by German military police and buried in an unmarked grave when he was barely 20 miles from Allied lines.

The 34-year-old from Portsmouth survived the sinking of HMS Saracen, lost off Corsica in August 1943 – the very last British boat knocked out by the Italians in WW2.

Taken to a camp near Rome with fellow survivors, they were marched south – towards Allied lines – when the Italians surrendered on September 8.  Click the picture below to read more.



One thought on “Grave of wartime submariner in Italy identified after 75 years

  1. The murder of LTel. Crosby was well known by the Royal Navy, who was not interested in bringing his murderer to justice. The name of the Italian who reported him to the German Army is well known as also is the German sergeant that shot Crosby whilst he was prisoner. The RAF & the Army pursued all such atrocities, to the RN it was not considered of further notice. This also applied years later when it was further investigated !!

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