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Charles Nixon-Eckersall – Photos

Reading the Obit about Charles N-E prompted me to look at an old photograph album and pictures I took when Third Hand of Oberon in the Far East in 1967.  Charles was our Jimmy and thought you might like the attached to add to your collection.

Seeing Double

First two CO’s of Revenge, Basil Watson, on the left, and Ian Morrison

We recently published the above photo of the two commissioning CO’s of HMS REVENGE and asked if  others had similar photos.  So far only this one has arrived from Gerry Paul:

Attached photo taken in 1971 at Rosyth shortly after HMS RESOLUTION had been re-commissioned in the presence of HM the QM. Gerry Paul and Colin Grant (on their respective sides of the after casing) proudly sporting their recently acquired submarine badges!

From Carl Haythornthwaite

The cutting is from the Liverpool Echo, 15 Nov 1968 when RENOWN was commissioned. Although Ken Mills was the On Crew, CO, Robin managed to steal the picture!

From Nick Crews

My contribution to ‘Seeing Double’. . . . Consists of a photo of the two COs of Reso at the end of the Commissioning Tea Party in the Dockyard Canteen 1st October 1984, and a page scanned from the Commissioning booklet showing a dodgy repro the official Seeing Double pic with some of the saucy details of Sime and Crews.  I think the original is somewhere in the snake pit bilge in my euphemistically termed study, but it won’t answer when I call.

Opportune Final Deployment

These were all taken during Opportune’s final deployment to the Med under my Command in early 1993 plus one taken back alongside in Blockhouse.  The internal shots were all taken whilst getting ready to dive.

By Editor: They include the only picture we have of the Control Room of a DCH fitted O boat showing elements of Outfit DCH (the computer based fire control and AIO system which replaced TCSS9 and the TGCU2).


Parking Poser

Can anybody shed light on this picture sent in by Tony Steiner. The skimmer is HMCS Joliette but which boat is it and when and where (let alone why!)?

Periscope Poser

This is an object that I was given. It is about 14 inches wide and appears to give an indication of the heights of masts, periscopes etc. I have not seen one before, can anyone explain its use please?

Brass Flush

The plaques below give flushing instructions but can anybody identify from which class they come?

Christmas Tradition

Sam Fry took over from (Boy) Lt Andrew(s) I have a photograph of Lt Andrew(s) and David Bingham at Christmas 1957. Lt Andrew(s) was in David’s uniform and David as our youngest lower deck-man was in the captain’s uniform.

AGM 2019

Click here to read the complete script of Eric Thompson’s talk

Some snaps from the 2019 AGM

RASM showing the Mayor of Gosport round Alliance

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope and other members of Friends

Eric Thompson – our great guest speaker

….and one for a caption competition!

Superb Sonar

We are grateful to Terry ‘Tex’ Eynon for these snaps of his Sonar Team from Superb 80 – 83 (Tex is wearing the Plymouth Argyle scarf)  The boat was on a northern Christmas Patrol 1981/2.

Rorqual Rededication

These two photos are of HMS RORQUAL’s Rededication in1971- the year the Dolphin Badge was introduced.

Who were the Coxswain and JR cutting the cake?

HMS Oberon Crossing the Line – 1971

I was lucky enough to be the Third Hand/Jimmy of OBERON when she deployed to the Far East 1970 -1971. She was the last boat to be based in Singapore.


Read the biggest ships mag I have ever seen by clicking the front cover below.  My thanks to Alan Jones and ‘PK’ Pittkeathly for sending this in.

We present WARCRY from HMS Warspite.