Chapel Refurbishment

From Charles Hayward

Graham Platts, (Facilities and Security Manager at Fort Blockhouse) managed to get funding to re-furbish the exterior of the Chapel of Remembrance in December 2023. He personally oversaw the project and the contractors have made a first class job of it.

7 comments on “Chapel Refurbishment”

  1. wraith says:

    Delighted to see this very special place has been restored.

  2. Grianaig says:

    Very much with Richard’s comments. Thank you for arranging the funding and overseeing the project. Would be pleased to see photos of the interior.

  3. Paul says:

    Good news. Would love the opportunity to visit Fort Blockhouse after all these years

  4. says:

    It can be arranged later on. Check it out with Jock as our conduit for future visits. Liason between Jock, Graham Platts and myself. For Grianaig. Chapel interior photos I will see if I have some to add to our Friends of the S/mnmuseum “Dits and Bits”. It may take awhile with my current domestic/family commitments. Give me a nudge if no response in Toms nex isue.

  • says:

    Delighted to see this. After he died we laid up my grandfather’s, Admiral Sir Charles Little’s, banner from Westminster Abbey in the Chapel. I hope it is still there after about 50 years. Yes, pictures of the inside would be nice as I have no immediate prospect of getting there. Ann Currie

  • says:

    I will look into this for you Ann. You can rest assured that all artifacts and personal items within the chapel have been well documented and either removed to a safe place (usually the archives in the National Museum of the Royal Navy), or remain in situ in the chapel . Our excellent archivist for the RNS/m Museum is Alex Geary. She has been with our submarine museum for many years and is a font of knowledge of all things relevant to our needs.

  • Les Catlin says:

    I am delighted to see that this work has been carried out. I have been afraid that, now there is limited submariner presence in Fort Blockhouse the chapel may simply fall into disrepair and eventually be forgotten. I’m very grateful that our good friend Charlie has his finger on the pulse and I know he is as keen as I am to see the chapel remain and continue to act as a memorial to past submariners. I worry that when Blockhouse is developed commercially access might be compromised. I hope that won’t be the case.
    My other worry is that items held within the chapel may get taken. I don’t know how that can be prevented however. Any way, good work Charlie and Graham. Its good to see you are on the case. Well done.

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