Can you help? SM6

From Brian Lapierre

Back in May 1967 HMS Acheron (S-61) departed Halifax, Nova Scotia for the last time. She was the last RN Submarine attached to the 6th Submarine Division, HMS Ambrose in Canada. Below is a photo of a painting which was painted by Commander Anthony Law, RCN a well known Canadian painter and war artist. The picture would have been painted in this time frame and also shows HMS Alcide (S-65) and the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge which spans Halifax harbour with the submarines tied up at Jetty 5. This is where the submarines tied up in Halifax until 1971. In the caption it says it was presented prior to Acheron departure from Halifax and perhaps transited with Acheron back to the UK. In my capacity at The Naval Museum of Halifax, along with the head archivist we are trying to find out what ever happened to this painting and hopefully it is displayed in a prominent place. Sadly Commander Anthony Law passed away in 1996. Here is a link to Obituary profile on a Canadian Naval website. If anyone has any information on this painting please comment below.

I believe that the CO of Acheron at that time was LCdr D.C. Elliot (spelling in photo is different). 

If you know or have any contacts who might know where the painting is let me know. Hopefully it is being displayed in a prominent place. 

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  1. Chris Donnithorne says:

    I am pretty sure the painting did not make the passage onboard.
    On sailing, there was certainly some grumbling as to why we had to go up to Bedford Basin to turn before departing but the reason soon became clear. I was on the casing that day and, as we eventually made our way towards the sea, all the ships in harbour manned and cheered ship for us as we went by. It was a very moving experience.

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