A new way to look all round?

These 360° pictures from the Museum were taken by Peter Jeanneret and are of The Remembrance Garden and HMS Alliance Control Room.  A mars bar for the first person to spot the heinous navigational sin being perpetrated in Alliance!



If you like these see nearly all of Alliance and Holland 1 in the same magic way on our https://www.rnsubmusfriends.org.uk/members-gallery/ page.

4 thoughts on “A new way to look all round?

  1. Think the parallel ruler should have been inverted?

    Nice to see the memorial garden but sorry it needs coiled barbed wire around it!

    1. Richard, you are SO right. However, the razor wire belongs to Fort Blockhouse and they’re so skint, they’re not going to remove it just because the museum asks them to¡ So we’re planning Phase 2, which will include three mature olive trees to provide a canopy. It won’t hide the industrial nature of the site entirely but should go some way towards that goal. Unfortunately, Andrew Stephens (Morley’s son) who designed and installed the garden has damaged a leg rather badly, delaying Phase 2 somewhat. His partner is hoping to proceed shortly. Thanks for commenting …

  2. It’s over 20 years since I last visited the Museum but I’m coming in May. It seems to have changed a lot and I’m looking forward toit.See you all soon,ROLAND (rusty).

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