A Conference Marking the 50th Anniversary of CASD – Call for Papers

A conference is to be held on 15 and 16 June to mark the 50th Anniversary of continuous at sea deterrence. A call for papers is here.  The deadline is 22 December.



Martin Macpherson tells me that CASD should be measured from the first patrol relief which happened in 1969. He continues: “ I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony Whetstone picks up on this – he was the Captain of the Starboard Crew of REPULSE (I was the Navigator) who did that first patrol. I well remember listening to the first moon landing on the floating wire whilst on QRA – just as Armstrong was about to step onto the moon we received a drill – great timing from HQ. By the time we got back from Action Stations the BBC were signing off – we never did discover if it was made of cheese.”


RESOLUTION (P) was on patrol for about two months before being relieved by REPULSE in May 1969; but the RAF continued to maintain QRA until they stood down on 30 June 1969 and transferred sole responsibility for the UK Strategic Deterrent to REPULSE (S) and SSBN force.
So, it could be said that the UK SSBN force maintained a continuous deterrent capability either from about mid March 1969, when RESOLUTION (P) assumed patrol, or on 30 June 1969, when the RAF stood down.
RESOLUTION (S) was the first to complete a full patrol without RAF back up from mid July to mid September 1969.

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