Perkins Diesels and X Craft – UPDATED

Good story here with recollection of Perkins Diesels involvement in the X Craft. Click on the picture to go to the story.


Two pictures from Mary Thompson of the reception at Perkins Diesels. Terry Andrews was CO.

Perkins Reception

Terry Thompson with fiance soon to be Mary Thompson and Frank Perkins on the left


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Mary Thompson

I have photographs taken at the Perkins Diesel reception to celebrate the arrival of HMS Sprat to Peterborough in November 1957! I had travelled to Peterborough to meet Terry Thompson, my fiance at that time(!) He was then Jimmy and Terry Andrews the CO. They were on a “showing the flag” event and sailed into many unlikely places for the locals – including Peterborough! They went further up the East coast to Yorkshire and many went on board. I remember hearing that in one dock in Goole a civic dignitary (of a large size) created a problem of ballast and Sprat sank into the bottom of the mud at the bottom of the dock. They struggled to achieve more air and after a certain amount of anxiety it popped up like a balloon!

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