Friends send thank you letter to Vice Admiral Sir Tim McClement as he retired from the Museum Board

Tim McClementThe text of the letter from our Chairman

Dear Tim

The Friends of the RN Submarine Museum – to the man, woman and child! – are saddened at your departure from the Board of the Museum. Nevertheless, we are – at the same time – very grateful for the stunning achievements of the Alliance project under your leadership. Those Friends who have followed the progress of the Alliance refurbishment from Heritage Lottery bid to royal opening recognise the magnitude of the task, know that there were difficult times and dark days but also understand that your leadership was hugely significant in bringing about a great result. We would also wish to acknowledge the work of Trevor Spires and the Project Management Team, who have worked tirelessly in pursuit of the best possible standards.
We are also grateful to you and to the Board, and to Chris Munns and the museum staff, for steering a steadfast path through the sometimes troubled waters of integration into the National Museum of the RN. That work will continue for some time yet and the Friends are conscious that their role must adjust to that change and believe that the Society’s involvement will broaden in support of the reduced number of on-site staff. Indeed this is already happening.

You leave the Submarine Museum in a good material state that, given good management by the NMRN, should enable it to prosper in the future. Thanks once again for all that you have done for our Museum, and good luck with whatever future ventures you undertake.

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