Registering on the site

If this is your first visit to the website and you are a Member of the Friends then you will need to register using the link on the right hand side of this page in order to gain access to the members area.   Read more »

Submarine Service Tie

SM Tie

Friends who still wear ties might we be interested in the new official Submarine Service Tie. As it says on the website: “…bringing together the colours of the White Ensign and the gold of the Submarine Service’s prestigious Dolphins badge. Read more »

They Come Unseen


“Are you a resourceful destroyer captain or a successful submarine commander?” Why not find out and have fun playing: “They Come Unseen”, Read more »

Gone to Sea in a Bucket


A new piece of submarine fiction, this is what the Amazon editor says:

Following Harry Gilmour’s journey from out-of-place naval reservist on the deck of a grand battleship to experienced officer on board a World War Two submarine,  Read more »

Searching for AMBUSH


From Trevor Andrew-Gernand

I was just wondering if there is any of the crew of the old Ambush when it was based in Halifax in 1955/6, Read more »

Hunting for UNTIRINGs


From Trevor Andrew-Gernand Read more »
Although I am have been the Welfare Officer in International Submariners Association for quite a few years now and have met many fellow boatees I have never come across anyone who was a fellow crew member who was on my first boat (HMS/M Untiring), 

The Last RN Ship to Leave Malta

Turpin leaving Malta

Reproduced at the attachment by kind permission of the Plymouth Naval Retired Officers Association is this article telling the story of the last departure of HMS TURPIN from Malta.   Read more »

First Gulf War

Opossum in DG, note the painting on the front of the fin and the shark's teeth courtesy of a very artistic Scratchers Dicky

A short clip of Otus in Deigo Garcia and pictures of Opossum both in their camouflage during the First Gulf War are in the Dits and Bits Section.   Read more »

Lottery Win!

Congratulations to our first lottery winner – okay its not a life changing amount but the £5.00 he won will buy a bottle of plonk to toast the Submarine Service! Read more »

60th Member Registers

Today the 60th member registered on the new website and 16 have taken out tickets with our lottery. Thanks to you all for your support. Read more »